As the world’s leading supplier of nose-to-tail interior and exterior lighting products for commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, military aircraft and helicopters, we are able to provide aircraft manufacturers and operators the benefit of obtaining their entire lighting system from one single source. With decades of experience in developing and producing aircraft lights, we incorporate latest technologies into our products that help to significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Passenger Comfort

Provide your passengers with the best possible experience by creating an atmosphere of comfortable illumination, while ensuring that carefully selected cabin materials appear as natural as possible

LED Lighting Features

XL jet airplane landing at sunset
Our LED Interior and exterior lighting products are a preferred choice for aircraft manufacturers and operators.

State-of-the-art technology combined with sophisticated designs and elaborate optical concepts offer our customers a number of benefits. LED lighting systems feature a robust design, increased longevity and reliablity and a lower weight. And they significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs over the life of the aircraft, when compared to traditional technology.

Operators looking to upgrade their aircraft can profit from our special interior and exterior lighting retrofit options.

Long Life
Our products make the best use of extreme lifetimes of LEDs
Easy Installation
Retrofit options are mechanically and electronically fully interchangeable
Low Consumption
LEDs require significantly less power than conventional technology
Robust Design
High vibration resistance and reliability
Combined Experience from three trusted legacy brands
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Interior Lighting

Define your brand and the experience passengers have aboard your aircraft with our interior lighting. Products are designed to deliver an enhanced cabin appearance, improved safety and lower maintenance needs.

Passenger Service Units
Passenger Supply Channels

Customized aircraft interior solutions include service units and various other system modules assembled to form a passenger supply channel exactly meeting our customersʼ wishes and requirements.

We offer a broad variety of different elements that allow combining LED reading lights and switches, air outlets, loudspeakers for announcements and boarding music, attendant call buttons, LED indicator signs, seat row numbering and interface to the cabin management system. LED ambient lighting features and even medical panels may be added. Infill panels ensure accurate spacing between the passenger service units. Thanks to the uniform design of the single components, the entire system results in a rounded overall picture.

Cabin and Compartment Lights

Modern aircraft cabin lighting that significantly adds to the passengers’ comfort and overall flying experience.

Our state-of-the-art LED cabin and compartment lighting portfolio includes general illumination ceiling and side wall wash lights, dome lights, passenger reading lights, accent, contour and star lights, stair lights, air outlets, cargo compartment lights and many more. Executive lights for VIP and business jets feature a timeless design, high quality plated finish and extraordinarily homogenous light output that meet your highest requirements.

Cabin Lights
Airplane Signage

High quality signs deliver clear information to passengers and crew.

Our LED indicator signs can tell passengers and flight attendants to return to their seats, fasten their seat belts or turn off electronic devices. LED information signs provide a variety of messages from “No personal electronic devices” and “Do not enter” through to “Lavatory occupied”. Lavatory information bars additionally feature service functions. Area call lights support flight attendants in their work. All our signage products have one important thing in common: very clearly arranged pictograms for optimum perceptibility.

LED exit signs are part of the aircraft’s emergency lighting system and therefore subject to strict regulatory requirements. We offer a wide range of different exit signs for all imaginable conditions.

Cockpit Lights and Controls

We help to create the best possible conditions for a challenging work environment.

Our LED cockpit lights generate a comfortable ambient illumination by granting individually adjustable light levels in different areas of the cockpit. We offer map reading lights, instrument flood lights and matching controllers, console lights, dome lights, chart holder lights, eye reference lights and many more.

Our product portfolio also includes control sticks, control levers and switches for various applications.

Cockpit Lights

Exterior Lighting

High quality exterior lighting built to last in the toughest environments.

Anti-Collision Light
Anti-Collision Lighting
Designed by engineers with expertise in field of coverage, flashing characteristics, light color and intensity.

Anti-collision lights are developed to accurately match the size and shape of our customers aircraft. The product line includes upper and lower fuselage, tail and wing strobe lights that are resistant to the toughest environmental conditions such as high temperature, electro-magnetic interference, vibration and shock. Near-end-of-life indicators notify operators early enough to plan the replacement of the unit. Matching power supplies guarantee failure-free operation and deliver enhanced safety.


Available redundant configurations of white and red anti-collision lights enhance the margin of safety in low visibility
Flood and Spot Lights

Robust LED lighting systems supporting safe aircraft operation on the ground, during taxiing, and in-flight.

  • Exterior flood and spot lights support flight crew and ground personnel
  • Landing lights allow the pilot to identify the runway and any obstructions – especially at night and during challenging visibility conditions
  • Runway turnoff lights enable the pilot to find the runway exit
  • Taxi lights support safe movement on the ground
  • Wing and engine inspection lights help to identify icing during the flight. Logo lights improve the visibility of the airline’s logo on the vertical stabilizer to ground personnel
  • External emergency lights illuminate the escape route in case of evacuation.
LED Spot and Flood Lights
LED Navigation Lights
Navigation Lights
Indication of aircraft position, with extreme resistance to environmental conditions such as high temperature, electro-magnetic interference, vibration and shock.

Three LED lights form a complete system:

  • A forward red light on the left side
  • A forward green light on the right side
  • A rear white light

Enhanced Experience

Our passenger supply channels significantly add to the overall appearance and atmosphere of your aircraft cabin.

Upgrade Your Aircraft

UTC Aerospace Systems offers a wide range of retrofit opportunities that allow operators to replace out-dated interior and exterior lighting products with latest LED technology solutions. These are significantly more robust, reliable, durable, lightweight and energy-efficient, provide increased performance and lead to extensive overall cost savings.

Interior Lighting

Operators wishing to refurbish their fleet’s cabin interior can profit from the benefits of our general illumination ceiling and side wall wash lights. Without any change to the cabin management system or aircraft wiring, our retrofit systems provide exceptional performance and full color lighting scenes that significantly add to the passengers’ flying experience.

Exterior Lighting

To see and to be seen are two of the most important safety factors in aviation. Featuring an extraordinary illumination performance, our LED take-off and landing, runway turn-off, taxi, logo and scan lights as well as anti-collision and navigation lights substantially contribute to this goal.

For further information on our LED retrofit solutions, please contact the Lighting Systems team. We will gladly cooperate with you to take care of your specific needs and to provide you with the best possible solution.

Lighting Product Brochures

Complete product line information on each of our lighting systems.